Friday, April 10, 2015


I seek representation for Doomed to Succeed, a contemporary young adult novel.

Mary Sullivan, award-winning author of Stay, Ship Sooner, and Dear Blue Sky, says about my manuscript:  “This is such a powerful novel.  I love the language—strong, provocative, meticulous.  It demands attention.  It’s poetic at the same time that it’s pop: a good combination for YA fiction, and this novel would have a crossover audience, I imagine.  The story is so good.”

Rebecca White, a senior at the top of her class at Plains High School in 2001, is a Kansas girl going places, until the rape.  She wants the rapist to pay for his crime and go to jail.  Only nothing is that simple and she wasn’t the one raped.  Doomed to Succeed is the story of how Rebecca seeks revenge for her best friend, Luke Warren.  While the senior class chooses corsages and boutonnieres for the prom, Rebecca plots revenge against the son of the principal, Weston.  He raped Luke.   Shortly after the rape, Luke confides in Rebecca and makes her promise to keep his secret.  She must find a way to make Weston pay without revealing Luke’s secret.  Her solution will shock you.

I am a high school teacher with an advanced degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame. I maintain a blog, Write Now at  Find me on Twitter @hutchkelley5 and on Facebook at

Doomed to Succeed is my debut novel.  I currently write and live in Budapest and Boston.  The 68,000-word manuscript is available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration,

Janet Kelley

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