Sunday, July 17, 2005

My First Post

I must give credit where credit is due. Due to a long chain of circumstances, I chanced to meet R. Beyer as he was passing through Indiana on an epic journey. A mutual acquaintance brought us together in a computer lab at the University of Notre Dame. Within five minutes we had established all the basic facts about our similar life timelines and I had foisted upon him my latest piece of writing. I hope you are ready to sign our secret pledge, R.B! He in turn shared with me his blog. I had sworn that I would never have a blog. Never. How public. How pathetic to place my ramblings on the web and leave them there for all to peruse. As if anyone out there would want to read my thoughts. Oh well. One turns 30 and suddenly it becomes crystal clear that my prerogative matters. So come along, read along, and see the world through my descriptive narrative, poetry and occasional blather.

1 comment:

Rich said...

Hi Janet,
Just had to send a comment to this one, too.
I'm home. The journey is pretty much over - now the real writing gets started!
I love the part you wrote about turning 30. I just joined the club a few days ago and you are so right. In fact, everything matters. Keep up the great writing. I'm always checking.

My favorite line in this post is the one that conveys the "mysterious" computer lab at ND. I love it!

Have Fun!
-R.B. (I kinda like that.)