Friday, August 19, 2005

Back in the Bend

Details have sucked me deeply into a black hole. The trip home from Budapest was relatively uneventful, though I did run into a very good friend on the last leg of the trip. Do you ever find yourself in the middle of an Indian forest spotting monkeys and yet have the feeling that someone you know will show up around the next tree? Well, this actually happened when I saw M. sitting patiently on the bus from Chicago to South Bend. We simply could not have planned such an encounter.

At any rate, I am tres busy trying to organize the house, my health insurance, clean the basement, purge useless pairs of sweatpants, see the dentist and systemitize eight years + of photos. Luckily we switched to digital at that point. I am decidedly inept at scrapbooks, so these treasures are being diligently sorted by date and filed in boxes with labels. It is the best I can do and it is driving me crazy. I am also trying to apply for jobs in Boston and enroll in a writing class. Anyone out there who needs an English Teacher or knows of a good writing community. . . I am open to suggestions.

The Bend is good. Those of you who who are SMCers/Domers will be suprised when you return for this Fall's football games. There have been major construction and road changes.

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