Friday, August 05, 2005

"City Days" Festival

After five days of morning tennis lessons I have bronzed a bit on my shoulders, roughened up my palms and realized that I need many more lessons to even hope to compete with the 4 feet tall 9-year-olds who I am too embarrased to play because they are so powerful. Alas. This morning's lesson was especially difficult for me as I had trouble sleeping and woke too late to properly drink my coffee before heading off to the courts. Luckily we have no lessons on the weekend and so I get a little break.

The "City Days" Festival has started here in Csik. The huge attraction this year is a concert tonight by Illes, the equivalent of the Beatles in Hungary. This is their farewell tour and all of Transilvania is headed here for the big event. I can't tell you how many aged rockers and pop stars I see peform. I don't go to many concerts in the States, and so I don't have much to compare the experience with. Here the performers seems to last and last. The band that performs tonight must be in their sixties. I'm not sure why this makes the experience more surreal.

The city is packed with stands selling all the local specialities: lots of meat and beer. Actually Romania's most popular beer is made right here in this town and of course it is everwhere. It is not to my particular liking, nonetheless when one is Csik, the Csiki beer is the way to go. By the way, Csik is pronounced, "cheek" and Csiki is "chicky." Now you know.

Okay, time is up at the Internet Cafe!

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Jason said...

Hey there my little Csickadee - I'm finding your travel log most enjoyable. (Mmmmm..... meat and beeeeer.)

So tickled to hear you're taking on tennis. Would love to smack the ball around with you next time we cross paths. Ok, why did that sound far dirtier than intended? Best not to think on it.