Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

For a Turkey Day ha-ha click on my link in the sidebar to McSweenys and read "Butterball Help-Line Help-Line" by Alysia Gray Painter. (You may have to scroll down to get to it AND story will be changed shortly after T-Day.)

We are headed up to the shore for salmon followed by pheasant with Belgium endives. Not to worry: I already picked up a sweet potato/pumpkin pie and a pecan tart to make sure my traditional food quota is satisfied.

I hope you all have a delectable feast! Write me and tell me about lumpy is your gravy?

Make me salivate with your description....

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T.L. Holmes said...

Holmes family feast:

Traditional turkey that came out of the oven with a pleasantly golden appearance, buttery smooth, tantalizingly tender provided the main dish. Mom's mashed potatoes are never lumpy, but of a heavenly whipped texture (without sacrificing substance)with a ladle of flavorful, warm brown gravy spilled over top. Grandma always provides the dressing--an old world Belgium recipe, the recipe is a secret even I don't know, but will one day with any luck. Fresh, plump cranberries were the beginnings of Mom's sauce which contained just the right amount of ginger to give it that "zing". While not my snacks of choice, my aunt and uncle provided the men of the family with smoked oysters, sardines, and creamed herring--Grandpa was in heaven! Other traditional dishes included green bean casserole, veggie tray, homemade coleslaw, whole grain dinner roles, and pumpkin pie (made from scratch in a butter crust). My contribution was Amish Pudding Cake...a recipe from Lynn...a rich concoction that left me feeling like I needed to go to confession--SINFUL! I was glad it had turned out as good as when Lynn made it. Imagine, a dessert topped with a pint of real whipping cream slightly sweetened with confectioner's sugar and vanilla, and a sprinkling of toasted pecans. Oh goodness, I could gain a couple of pounds just thinking of it!
I missed the sweet potato bake Grandma usually makes, but overall the meal was incredibly satisfying.
Hope yours was a lovely holiday!