Sunday, March 12, 2006

Eve is Coming! Eve is Coming!

Eve Ensler is coming to Boston March 21 - 26 to perform her newest play "The Good Body." I bought myself a nearly-front row ticket the better to see her expressive face by. I won't rave about Eve here and now, but I could (and should) in a later entry, perhaps. I do want to encourage local Bostonites to check out the show. I can't vouch for the play yet; but I do support her activism to end violence.

In honor of Eve, here is a poem that I have been working on. I am still not "finished" with it. Or perhaps it is not yet finished with me!

The Scent of Belief
for Eve Ensler

My vagina speaks two words from the pulpit of her: "I believe!"

Hallelujah! Praise be to the Living God
on High from High,
I have found the scent smack between my warm white thighs.

Pink-folding rose purpled red, brown-bleeding,
ocean depths of deep-crystalloid wet,
torn fire-breathing,
ripped from cry of laughter
that stinks up,
wretched river of sweat,
civilizations gone into your wide-mouthed face,
deep into the proteins of your rusty-forgotten red soul until

you cannot stand hushed before such truth—

Wash over me! You on my skin gentle, skilled. Deep down water. Yes, yes.

That smell, my smell,

you can name it now.

Alluring-repulsive invitation with waxy seal, always there, unspoken.

We believe you will beg,

lament on hard—blistered fists pounding and kneeling—sore knees aching,
for sugar blackened incense.

Agitated, never right, no peace. Only impressed upon.


until you too find your voice,
find your words stolen, and then

speak softly

through folds of bruised flesh collapsing in praise:


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