Monday, May 22, 2006

Island of Slaves and Burdick's

This past weekend L. and I invested some time in Cambridge. Living in the Back Bay, we most often stay on our side of the Charles. Certainly there is plenty to do. The event was trip to the theater to see Island of Slaves, by Pierre Marivaux in a new translation by Gideon Lester. Here is a brief synopsis provided by the show's website:

Many years ago, a group of fugitive slaves colonized a remote island and established a society of absolute equality. They determined to do away with all class distinctions; any former masters arriving on the island would have to be retrained in the ways of democracy, or else put to death.

Now a storm at sea maroons four people - two aristocrats and their slaves - on the island. They are met by an administrator who instructs the masters and slaves to switch names, clothes, and roles, so beginning their lesson in humanity.

I am thinking this play, originally produced in 1725, did not include drag queens. Luckily, this newest interpretation did! The acting was finely done. For lots of reviews and articles about the play and this production visit this website:

Before the show we stopped at Burdick's café located just next to the venue. We have been hearing about this place forever. L. even visited there once eons ago, but had since erased its exact location. Friends, if ever we shall meet in Boston, you will be taken there to indulge. I know this because I do not forget such rich, dark chocolate and can hone in on it from Harvard Square. And, more importantly, it is henceforth linked to in my external memory drive (otherwise known as this blog).

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