Monday, October 16, 2006


A weekend in Vienna:

espresso with orange liquor and cream,
boiled rump with apple horseradish, knee-high boots,
brunch everyday,streets crowded with shoppers,
Klimt, apple strudel, the symphony at 11 am, schnitzel,
Freud's House, organ concerts,
blood sausage strudel,
Beneton, Mozart, Genomics,
Mozart torte, dobos torte, The Couch, melange,
important scarves, Secession, Mango,
too much wine at dinner,
whipped cream,
Oberlaa, MQ, Demel, einhahn street,
Budapest but more, wiener,
soft-boiled eggs in egg cups and tiny spoons,
Bauhaus, bicycles, Hermann Nitsch,
bread and butter.


T.L. Holmes said...

Sounds absolutely delightful...I'm envious! :)

Anonymous said...

not sure, but i don't think i see a reference to chocolate anywhere in that list?!