Friday, December 01, 2006

You Know You're From South Bend When. . .

*this list was forwarded to me by a former Bender,
who claims the author is unknown.

1: You know all about the Snyder scandal and often
refer to Roseland as Snyderville.

2: In middle school, a typical weekend consisted of
hanging out at the movies, but never actually SEEING a
movie....or going "Meijer-ing"

3: You remember when Movies 14 was Movies 10.

4: You hate Penn High School athletics.

5: Favorite graduation party activities include
Cornhole and Euchre.

6: The last week of classes was spent playing cards.

7: You're a die hard Notre Dame Football fan. HELL

8: Whenever someone says to meet at either Wendy's or
Taco Bell you always ask "the one on 31 or the one by
the mall?"

9: You tailgate every home game of football season.

10: "Going out" on a Friday/Saturday night means going
to a friend's house to drink.

11: You can't recall the last time we had a snow day.

12: You hate snow.

13: You hate being stuck behind a Michigan driver
because let's face it, they can't drive.

14: You've gone tubing at Saint Pat's Park.

15: You've been to the Niles Haunted House multiple

16: During your last years of high school, whenever
someone asked what your college plans were you said,
"Probably IUSB or Purdue"

17: You've wondered why Old Navy isn't part of
UP...And you know what UP is.

18: You and your friends have taken turns guessing
what the new building on the corner of 31/Cleveland is
going to be.

19: You know what "Nick's" refers to and only ever go
there after 10:30pm.

20: You've either gone can collecting or have had
people come to your door demanding non-perishable food

21: During the summer, 50 degrees is unbearably cold.
During the winter, 50 degrees is scorching.

22: You wear flip flops in the snow.

23: When deciding where to go out for dinner you drive
up and down both Grape and Main.

24: You go to Barnaby's after every high school
football game.

25: You're a frequent ranch and salsa mixer at
Hacienda...and you know what Hacienda is...and it's
your favorite restaurant.

26: You grocery shop at Martins.

27: You see nothing odd about the word "Mishawaka"

28: You go at least 10 mph over the speed limit in the
section of Ironwood between Douglas and 23. Who set
the 30mph limit on a 4 lane road anyway?

29: You went to Franks Red Hots before it became K's.

30: When people ask you where you're from you always
follow "I'm from South Bend" with "*pause* . . . it's
where Notre Dame is"

31: You've ever tried to exaggerate on how cold it is
outside, and the actual temperature is colder than
your exaggeration.

32: You still wonder if the old guy that sits on 31
holding the flag is dead or not.

33: You're still holding a grudge against Joan Raymond
for Plan Z.

34: You remember when Scottsdale Mall was shut down.

35: Your elementary school field trips were spent at
Copshaholm, the Studebaker house, Leeper Park, and
Amish Acres.

36: You consider Mishawaka, Granger, and Roseland all
extensions of South Bend.

37: Driving slowly down Primrose with your headlights
off is a fun, scary thing to do when you're bored.

38: You have always wanted to get the HELL out of here
. . . AND if you did you came back.

39: You know what Dyngus Day is . . . and were
surprised to learn that the rest of the country doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have described it better myself. You are truly from South Bend!

Anonymous said...

What about Potato Creek?

Anonymous said...

You're not very old. LOL! I remember when Scottsdale mall was built!