Monday, February 05, 2007

Read Some of My Stuff at

I just happened to have a 70,000 word manuscript haunting my every free moment. So I entered a novel competition thing, kind of an American Idol for authors at as mentioned in Write Now: American Idol for Authors. (I blush.) When you need to revise, you can either clean the toilet or splash your literary innards online. The toilet already sparkles. So. Go see my first chapter. You can read other manuscripts. Vote for me. Or not.

Warning: they messed up my formatting. I have little vignettes within the chapter with titles, but the titles are not in bold (as they should be); and my numbered list appears sans numbers. Oh well. The whole manuscript is still very in-the-rough. Now the world can see it.

You can read the submission by clicking on the above link. If you want to rate my submission, you have to join (free and easy).

UPDATE: The link to my chapter is dead. The contest posts each entry for two weeks of voting and my two weeks have passed!

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