Monday, August 06, 2007

Health and Beyond

The strep test returned negative. The virus remains unidentified. It was July 21st when I finally measured my 38.5 degree C / 101 degree F temperature. About two nights ago I actually slept through the night in my own bed with only a few coughing fits. No one else caught my bug, which is a good thing, but this adds to the mystery of the pesky virus. I would rest easier if I could put a name on the infection. Today back in the US: I will dare to play to tennis. I had dreamed of tennis in the Carpathian valley, but didn't get to lace up my tennies even once.

At Martin's grocery store today I rode the wave of local celebrity. I thought people were glancing my way and growing charged by my electric presence. Until checkers, stock guys, and shoppers started a litany of "Hey, Coach," and "Hello, Digger." We got our carts. "I enjoyed your book, Coach." In the normal flow of commerce we headed toward the bakery and deli section. Near the hot soup buffet he gestured me ahead of him. I'll admit, I had to come home and google him to be sure of his fame: Digger Phelps, former Notre Dame basketball coach being a key aspect of his pedigree. He even has his own Wikipedia page. I love South Bend. I love that coaches move here to mold young athletes and then stay on in the community.

Last night we got another wave of local cool. Squirm Orchestra provided live music to accompany a series of short films from European stop-motion masters. The event was part of the Vickers Theatre Sound of Silents Film Festival. A friend of ours was in the band and let us know of the event. After the show and a few rounds of beer and reubens at Nelson's Pub, we joined the band and groupies for a swim in our skivvies at a pool in a primordial forest. Unplanned. Hot tubs, physics conversations between groupies, and talk of touring adventures in New York and Detroit. Why don't we swim in a stranger's pool at midnight more often?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to work at Martin's. Digger came in all the time, and it is rumored that he does that when he needs an ego boost. He was always sure to get it there, from shoppers and employees alike. It was actually a little sick to watch, sort of like the scene with Sally Field in the movie "SoapDish."

J.K.Kelley said...

Actually I thought it was great--people clearly respected him and it brightened their day to acknowledge him. I felt sorry for Digger. Who wants to be so public when you grocery shop? I would not like to feel scrutinized for all my food/personal hygiene product choices. I haven't seen "Soap Dish" so I can't compare.

Kathleen said...

I am just glad you are back in the US and you are feeling better. It is miserable to be sick, especially so far away from home.