Sunday, January 27, 2008

150 Pounds No Less

The last thing I expected was to develop a complex about my belly being too small.

I am 36 weeks plus 3 days into the 40 weeks of a typical pregnancy. Two weeks ago I lost a few pounds and my belly measured a few inches below the expected range. Low grade panic developed.

I attempted to eat more despite near constant heartburn and the low groan of a belch always ready to erupt. (It is pregnancy, people. Worse bodily discomfort to come. I can't promise to spare you from the gore if you want to bask in the maternal joy.) I swear my stomach is the size of a lima bean and who knows where my intestines are located these days.

Still, I ate: often, and with a renewed sense of urgency for feeding the little one. On Friday morning I am proud to report that we tipped the midwife's scale at a healthy 150 pounds. It was a relief to see that number on the scale.

As my weight has increased over the course of the pregnancy, I have been amazed to watch the ever increasing digits balance on the scale. I was expected to gain somewhere between 28 - 40 pounds (according to one estimate) and I am just about there. Here is the breakdown in weight gain as estimated by based on my pre-pregnancy height and weight:

Maternal weight
Uterus: 2.82
Breasts: 1.17
Blood: 3.64 (Almost four pounds of blood!)
Water: 4.89
Fat: 9.74

Baby weight

Fetus: 7.5
Placenta: 1.89
Amniotic Fluid: 2.32

Total: 33.97 pounds

Still I worry that my belly is below par for the top of the ninth. Those near and dear to me assure me daily that my belly is HUGE, and so BIG, and plain BEAUTIFUL. I take deep breathes and stick it out as far as I can when I am not trying to waddle down the stairs or tie my shoes.

This weekend I corralled the family to a photography studio for a family portrait. I will attempt to keep a photographic record of the baby's life. (Thus far in my many years I have compiled exactly ONE photo album.) When better to start for baby X than with a few shots of her mama's Big, Huge, Amazing belly? I hope to hang the images in the baby's room to welcome her. Well, not to welcome her exactly. I am sure she will probably arrive before I manage to get the photographs ready for display.

Here is a fun, slightly sad fact: I noticed that my first instinct in front the camera was to cock one contrapposto hip and suck in the abdomen. Fat chance!

The baby is due Feb. 24th.

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