Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I Will Likely Forget About the 4-Month Mark

Iza B. takes a nap about one hour after she wakes up in the morning.

I am addicted to jasmine pearl tea.

I eat a lot of sandwiches.

If it has pomegranate in it, I consume it: juice, tea, ice-cream. Curiously, I haven't had an actual pomegranate all season. Alas.

I still drink ginger ale. But I don't keep it in the house. I give myself a treat when we are out and about in the summer heat.

The air conditioning broke and the whole system will be replaced next week.

I have discovered that I follow the Attachment Parenting method, which was news to me. I was just doing what came naturally. (I have instincts!)

Sometimes when I have a let-down (the cells decide it is time to release milk), it feels like electricity in my breasts.

Iza B. has persistent cradle cap. Luckily her hair is so profuse that it is hidden. We put cream on it and wash it in the morning. She still loves to have her hair washed--I hold her over the bathroom sink and then towel it dry.

Can't live without: rocking chair.

Can't live without: a light with a dimmer for her room.

Can't live without: a changing table that allows me to stand up straight and thus avoid back strain.

Obviously can live without: crib, which is still in the box. (We will need it soon enough! She is quickly outgrowing her bassinet.) She spends her first long stretch of sleep in the bassinet. After that we share a bed for the rest of the night. If I need a snooze, I rub her tummy and get at least ten more minutes of sleep.

Secretly addicted to: Hanna Anderson baby clothes. Yummy.

Iza loves to "talk." One day a few weeks ago she was being dried off by her Tata and she burst into a quite elaborate monologue with raised eyebrows and hand gestures. She is articulate without being verbal.

We have no schedule. We are okay with that.

I have finished reading three (non-baby) books since Bizzy was born: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, One Drop by Bliss Broyard, and The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing.

Iza B. is an infrequent pooper: sometimes twice weekly! when she poops, she POOPs.

Can't live without: the big blue exercise ball--thought we might use it for labor BUT truly it is genius for soothing the baby. A must have. And I have toned muscles. Win, win.

Still haven't switched to cloth diapers AND I may not have the will to do it. Ack. (Next time?)

Major breakthrough: there is no such thing as THE perfect stroller. You must own at least two--one for the car (attaches to car seat, for quick trips) and one for the open road.

Biza hates the car seat. Don't believe them when they say babies LOVE to sleep in car seats. Not all babies are so inclined. I am told she will grow out of the screaming-like-death-is-imminent phase.

If I can't order it online, we don't need it.

The way she greets me each morning with a 100 watt smile.

Can't live/breastfeed/rock without: the iPhone. Truly, genius. I can email/facebook/check the weather/read the New York Times/text message my husband in the next room all while singing off-key lullabies to little Iza. Pictures of Iza on my iPhone right now: approx. 508.

When they ask if she sleeps through the night, I say, "Yes, except when she wakes up to eat, of course." Smile.

She can roll onto her side. Look out. Here she comes!

(This post was started 6/12 and posted 6/25)


J.K.Kelley said...

Agnes had a lot of cradle cap going on. We poured baby oil on it, let it soak for an hour or so then took a toothbrush to it. Came off really nicely.

As I was vigorously rubbing it Reka notices that quite a bit of hair was coming off as well ... the hair she was born with was weaker it seems.

Oops. Almost gave her a bald spot on the top of her head.

That cut the experiment short, but it did such a good job, a few weeks later when we saw that new hair is growing in we repeated it in a more gentle way, and everything came off very nicely, she has had a nice scalp ever since.

Istvan Albert
*Sorry, Istvan, I accidentally pushed reject instead of publish. So I copied this from the email notification and pasted it here.

Khageman said...

I love reading your Iza blogs. Reminds me of my babies' baby days. I can almost smell their tiny baby bodies. Mmmmmmm......

DJ said...

blergh more for me, woman! i need my fix.