Monday, January 26, 2009

Love it. Tis Best.

Check out this website.

I heard its founder interviewed on NPR just before Christmas and found it compelling. Sadly I had already selected gifts for the season. Then. Opportunity.

A few days ago I managed to get myself and my baby girl out of the house into the frigid Boston air to meet with other mommies at an event called "Whine & Wine" (or "Wine & Whine"?). It had been a rough day of near-naps and nap fails. I had a head cold. Did I mention how the sunshine merely intensified the glare of the snow and the glint of ice? Somehow I managed to get of the house and arrive at the event. Of course, I didn't manage to RSVP. Or notice that the event started at 4:30. I arrived at 4:00. Or succeed in bringing a bottle wine to share. Alas.

The good news! This gave me the opportunity to use Tis

As the site instructs:

Q: What is a TisBest Charity Gift Card?
A: It works like any other gift card, except that instead of buying stuff in a store, the recipient spends it to support a charity of their choice.
You are the donor and your recipient chooses the charity!

I went online, uploaded a supercute (indeed) photo of my sweet baby girl, chose a $$$ amount, opted to send the charity gift card via email, and BAM. In lieu of wine, I gifted my hostess with an Obamafication. Pay it forward. Give Back. You get the idea.

At any rate, love it. I do.

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Jon Siegel said...

Thank you for your kind words about TisBest Philanthropy, JK! You'll be happy to know that the idea of non-material gift-giving is really catching on, and we're happy to be a part of it! (In fact, we're a really big part of it.) Best to you and yours,
Jon Siegel
Executive Director
TisBest Philanthropy