Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exit Strategy

This evening I left the party early. With two kids in pajamas strapped into car seats. I prayed that they would sleep and that a method for getting them out of their seats and into their beds would appear to me en route. I am amazed to report that it worked. Leo cried intermittently all the way home. Iza was happy and drowsy and then suddenly snoring about fifteen minutes after we left. Both babies were asleep when I got home. When I took Iza out of her seat, she woke up. I managed to get her inside, find her wearable blanket, and get her into bed with a kiss. She didn't look happy about it, but didn't complain either. I then raced back to the car terrified that Leo was out there in full panic cry mode. Nope. Sound asleep. I carried him up to bed and we laid down together and he nursed back to sleep. So what if I missed the lobster. Two sleeping babes. A quiet house. A warm cup of tea. I am good.


István Albert said...

Two big thumbs up

S.E.Minegar said...

You've got skills J!