Tuesday, September 07, 2010


September is here. At last. And with the sudden appearance of leaves on the ground and a bite in the air comes some changes in our household.

Nagymama is coming for a two-month visit. It will be her first visit since our wedding and the first time she gets to meet Leo. I took baby Izabella to see her when Iza was only 5-months-old and we haven't seen her since!

We are also changing our care-giver. A new housekeeper/nanny will join us. Luckily our current employee will stay nearby, literally only a few blocks away. She will be able to visit the kids and spend time with them. I am grateful for that.

Slowly, slowly I am emerging from the chrysalsis of new-mommydom. These wings are sticky wet and tightly furled. Give me, oh say, another two years to stretch them taut. And then I'll need years for them to dry. And then I'll learn to fly.

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RĂ©ka Albert said...

I'm so glad to hear these positive changes!

I bet you'll fly earlier than expected.