Sunday, November 07, 2010

November Rain

Well, actually it is hail.

The kids are asleep, for now, and the husband is driving my stepson home.

The house is quiet. (Well, except for the sound of hail.)

A glass of red wine, for my heart.

It is November. Daylight Savings time as arrived. It is dark by 4, almost. This means the afternoon after the nap will be long and often housebound. Winter. Time to order snowsuits for mornings in the park and schedule play dates inside for the afternoon. This will be the winter with two mobile toddlers.

We are now accepting applications for house guests. Extended stays welcome. Grandmas given first priority. Anyone who enjoys food-flinging, splashing in the tub, getting down on the floor, giving airplane rides, and/or preparing hot meals will be considered closely.

The hail has finished.

Now, where are my wool socks?

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S.E.Minegar said...

Hope your holidays are off to a great start. Stay warm. :)