Friday, February 12, 2016



EE Headshot Brigitte Lacombe


I think we must live now on the edge of incomprehensible madness, refusing to give up 
and refusing to pretend. Dancing on the precipice of annihilation while passionately 
encouraging and welcoming the new paradigm. This is most difficult in a world, in 
a system that has thoroughly indoctrinated us in a refusal to think, in the sound bite, 
in yes and nos, likes and unlikes, with us or against us pathology, in idiotic, 
consumable brandable, reductionist absolutes. To be an enthusiastic absurdist requires 
embracing ambiguity, insecurity, and it means looking at the predicament we are in 
head on. It means leaping and assuming you will fall, dancing in the chaotic 
impossible passionate possible.

So we must learn the art and practice of disruption. We must release the tentacles 
of our false securities and interrupt the world as we know it. We must assume that 
anywhere we live or anything we are doing can change or disintegrate on a dime and 
we must practice changing and letting it go. Living as if there is no future but the one 
we are creating. Nothing guaranteed but our willingness to live as pioneers of a new 
consciousness and way. And we must become disrupters. That is the power of creative 
resistance. Interrupting business as usual, taking stands that forfeit our acceptance or 
economic elevation, risking disapproval and controversy, participating in actions that 
loosen our grip on the suicidal givens and push the tyrants to fall. Disrupters, fighting 
and dancing with all our might for life over comfort.

– Eve Ensler

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