Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Cell, NewburyPort, Sailing on the Charles, and Kenya

Compared to the nuptial weekend, this weekend has been very "slow." The weekend was also "lonely" with just the two of us! I had plenty of time to indulge my honeymoon read: The Cellby Stephen King. The King of Creep. I finished it last night in the dead-dark after midnight. I had goosebumps trying to sneak quietly up the stairs to the bedroom--in my own apartment. People should read a King novel just to get jolted now and again. His writing works on you, you have to admit it. Besides high school kids read him (just like I did when I was in high school) and I want to keep up my cool factor.

We did make it up to Newburyport on Saturday. The first annual literary festival was the draw, but the good weather and a day trip from Boston were also key factors. We managed to hear one author speak.

We heard a local author reading from the second book in a planned trilogy. The Season of Open Water is set in a New England town entangled in the Prohibition-era rum-running trade. The author is Dawn Clifton Tripp. She was a good speaker, very candid and open. The historical material for the novel was culled from interviews she did with residents who either remember that era or remember the stories passed down through the generations.

When she read from her book I was convinced to read it, even though she is a "new" author for me! I refrained from purchasing it just yet. My book shelf is too deep as it is. But I will blog her here in my external memory. (A blog is wonderful way to store information in your virtual brain.)

My favorite parts of Newburyport: the tea house and the jewelry store on the corner. The tea house was brilliant--the world needs more tea houses. (Mark my word.) I loved the jewelry story because I discovered a brilliant sapphire that I can wear. It shines like a diamond, without all the political/metaphorical heaviness. I shall have a sapphire one day.

Today we set off to the North End in Boston to catch a day of free sailing--free boat trips are offered to the public at the start of each sailing season. Just as we went out the door, L. called a friend....who invited us to go sailing with him. We stopped in our tracks. He picked us up five minutes from our front door in his MIT sailboat. We cruised the Charles River. It was my very, very first time in a sailboat. It was brilliant. I could be converted to a life that involves more sailboats.

Tonight ends the week of unofficial honeymooning. I have found the destination for the official honeymoon: Kenya. Il Ngwesi. So start saving your pennies if you want to join us for a night sleeping with the lions!

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