Friday, April 28, 2006

One Week After

The wedding was perfect. Need I say more? One week of wedded bliss. I'll write about it later, perhaps. These things need time to clarify events. In sum: we both said, "I will"; we have rings; there was a feast; our friends gave brilliant toasts (all about us!); we roasted a pig; and the Kansas stars were never so near in the midnight air.

It is back to the reading/writing grind these past few days. It feels good to sleep as much as I need, then wake up to a hardback novel that needs my attention. Finally this afternoon I sat down with my rough draft (I am up to almost 40,000 words!) and did some serious revision. I have a plan to finish the novel. This is good. Endings are tough. Theory is good. Action not so easy (for me, I should say).

Plans for the weekend: the Newburyport Literary Festival. 35 miles from Boston. On the shore. Literary events. Spring air. Did someone say lobster?

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