Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Love My Ideas

Hello, Friends,

I have this crazy idea to form a theater production with non-native Hungarian speakers.  Interested?

Initially I was interested in the use of drama as a pedological tool for students learning a foreign language.  The memorization, use of contextual props and situations, as well as the elocution would all be useful.  Not to mention it is more fun than grammar!  

As time has passed, however, I have also fallen a little bit in love with the idea of how the theater can turn foreigners into Hungarians for the duration of the piece.  To be Hungarian, speaking Hungarian is a requirement, no?  So why not take us foreigners and transform us into Hungarians on stage.  I imagine that an original play can be written in this theme.  I could go on about the wonders of this possibility, but perhaps I will let your own imaginations take hold.  An original piece is quite ambitious.  I was thinking to ask Spiro Gyorgy.  :)  Shall we start on a more modest scale?

For example, I plan to return to Budapest for the month of November (possible staying through December and January as well).  What if we picked a text now and then put together the show in the month of November?  I don't have the details sorted out, of course.  But our living room would have room for a stage.  We could start there.  If we had the text selected and the students/volunteers/actors studied it ahead of time, we could pull off a show with 4 - 6 rehearsals.  


For the love of learning, theater, fellowship, and Hungarian. I can promise my husband's uncle's homemade palinka as well.  

And by the next year, perhaps we will perform original pieces.  And the following year, we charge entrance fees!  

Anyone game?  Suggestions for a text?  Suggestions for students/actors?  Volunteers to direct?

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