Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Afternoon in Budapest

It is Sunday afternoon in Budapest, and I have just awoken.

Last night we had dinner at our favorite fish soup place near the castle. Then we had cake at the Gerbeaud and finally drinks at the teaming Liszt Ferenc square. Budapest remains bursting with people and trams and the sounds of Hungarian language, more and more of which sounds familar in my ears.

Our adventures near Mont Blanc deserve more chronicles than I have time to spare. Just know that we played outdoor chess (Dani won); ate a ton of cheese; hiked down and into a glacier grotto; and climbed in the tree tops where I was rescued by a very cute French mountaineer when I forget to use my pulley. I was mortified to be stranded midair, but mollified by his firm thighs wrapped around my waist as he took us to the ground. Laszlo just laughed and kept shouting at me to throw down the camera, which was in my back pocket. I was too busy be rescued to comply.

Now it is off to an afternoon in Budapest...the baths? shopping? strolls through the lovely streets? cakes and coffee?

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Jason said...

Ok, I'm getting jealous of you and all the cheese! You must sneak some home for me.

As for your little rescue, if I didn't know better, I'd think you had a thing for putting yourself in precarious situations when the liklihood of rescue by hotties is promising. I'm recalling in particular a certain sky diving incident where you happened to float off some distance from the target, toward a rather large irrigation system, where you landed smack in the middle of a giant corn field, dangling like a rather attractive scare crow awaiting the hottie jump master to come "rescue" you.

Damsel in distress my arse. ;-)

- Jji