Saturday, September 13, 2008

Way to Go, Mom

Red Hats "chip" in

By Amy Bickel and Jon Ruhlen - The Hutchinson News
from the Hutch News online:

With their brightly colored hats and purple clothes, the ladies of the Red Hat Society are used to making an impression.

That impression was all the more unforgettable on Wednesday by the sight of about 20 Red Hat Ladies showcasing their cow-chip-tossing skills.

Lovella Kelley, who took first place, said she didn't spend a lot of time practicing - chucking dirt clods while working in the garden was about the extent of it.

Nevertheless, her "pie"-flinging abilities were enough to take top honors in a contest that saw several tosses of more than 40 inches. [Typo? feet not inches?]

Kelley, who admitted that she had some reservations when the idea of a cow-chip-tossing contest was first broached, admitted that she had fun. She didn't go empty-handed, either - she and the second-place winner, Agnes Hammerschmidt, had the honor of brightly colored ribbons to enhance their unique ensembles.

"The thing about being a Red Hatter is that there's nothing that embarrasses you and nothing you can't do," Kelley said.


T.L. Holmes said...

Fascinating piece about the purity of Midwestern living! And how precious is your mother?
Good stuff J.

Chris said...

Hi Janet! Thanks for the photo credit. I met you once in Wichita right after Anna was born, but that's been ages ago. Congrats on your own bundle of joy!